We currently support payment through either of two payment gateways – PayPal or Stripe. Both gateways are Level 1 PCI compliant, further information about them can be found on their respective websites. Type Atelier does not have access to any sensitive payment information.

All of our prices are in United States Dollars ($USD). should you wish to pay in Australian Dollars ($AUD) or with a bank transfer, please contact us for more details. Your bank may charge you an international transaction fee which we have no control over.

Purchasing is simple and you will receive the font files within minutes after payment. All sales are final, we do not refund money on font license purchases.

Desktop License

A Desktop License enables a font to be installed on a computer. This can then be utilised to create logos and print/digital work. This license is based on the number of users that are using the typeface(s) and is delivered in OpenType format.

Web License

A web license enables a font to be utilised as live text on a website, by uploading the typeface to a web server and referencing it via @font-face. Our web license is a one time purchase based on the estimated number of page views on the website that will use the files. You are required to upgrade your license should the monthly number of page views exceed your previous license. When purchasing our web license you will receive the typeface(s) in .WOFF and .WOFF2 format.

App/Epub License

An App/Epub license enables a font to be utilised as live text in an application or electronic publication. Each version is regarded as a separate app under this license. If your application is on both iOs and Android you will need to purchase the appropriate license.

Broadcast License

A Broadcasting License enables a font to be utilised in broadcasting on television, feature films, documentaries, cartoons / animations, or console video games. Please contact us for further details.

Enterprise License

For large organisations we offer an Enterprise License that enables unlimited usage across all platforms and mediums. Please contact us for further details.

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